Meet the Team | Calah Oxley

    Give us the headline details…

    “Hi everyone! I’m Calah Van Quickelberge, soon to be Calah Oxley, and I’m 26. I’m getting married to my lovely fiancée, Tony, in July. I have a sister and a brother and I’m the youngest. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to the UK with my family in 2001.”



    Cold coffee

    Baked beans (I have an actual phobia)


    Fish (live and cooked)

    Anything SPARKLY

    Rudeness/ no manners



    Being at home, although I do like a good night out too


    My doggies!

    How long have you been with Paterson Recruitment?

    “About a month… I’m the new kid on the block!”

    What branch are you based at?

    “Milton Keynes. I’m working my socks off to build up this new branch and get some great clients and candidates on board!”

    What do you like about being a recruiter?

    “I like the challenge. In a way I like that recruitment is a tough and competitive industry to be in, it means that when I work hard for a client, I show them what I as a recruiter and what we as a company can achieve and, hopefully, turn their opinions of recruitment around! I thrive on building relationships and delivering best-value for both new and loyal clients.”

    If you had to, would you rather place a candidate who’s not right for the role, or leave the role unfilled?

    “Neither! I’m really up front and honest with my clients. I will never place a candidate I know isn’t right for the role, and equally I would never choose to leave a role unfilled. I will work hard for my clients to ensure they have the staff member they need!”

    Quick Fire Round:

    Sweet or salty popcorn? – “Plain” (I know, we thought that was an odd one too!)

    Dog person or cat person? “Dog person ALL THE WAY”

    Marmite? “Love”

    Brussel Sprouts? “Love”

    Where’s your favourite place in the world?

    “South Africa, of course!”

    If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

    “It’s got to be pink (if they do a limited edition sparkly one, then that would probably be me).”

    Have you ever met anyone famous?

    “Actually yes… when I moved to the UK we lived in Watford for a while and my best friend is Anthony Joshua’s sister, so I met him before his hot-shot boxing days and still see him occasionally.”

    Get in touch with Calah at our Milton Keynes branch!

    01908 062362 |

    Sovereign Court, 215 Witan gate East, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HP

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