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If you have a team member on long term leave, then having a contract/locum agency worker temporarily fill their role until they are ready to return, is a fantastic interim solution. We can source candidates to fit seamlessly into your team, covering your permanent member of staff ensuring continuity for your organisation until such time as they are ready to return to work.

​Having access to a flexible workforce also offers advantages including access to scarce skill-sets and mitigating the financial and legal risks associated with permanent hires.

​Contractors work on either a fixed term basis or on a rolling contract, allowing you to make use of a niche skillset without having to commit to hiring a full-time employee when it’s not required. Contractors are also likely to have worked with many different companies on a range of projects, allowing them to draw on their experiences enabling them to provide a unique perspective. ​

Whatever the need, we are here to help so please get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements and we’ll find a solution that fits your needs.