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Staying Positive Whilst Job Hunting

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Staying Positive Whilst Job Hunting

Job hunting can feel particularly hard in the current climate, whether it’s the time it takes to complete each application properly, not hearing anything back or being bombarded with rejection emails. It’s enough to make anyone feel deflated.

However, feeling down and negative about the situation isn’t going to help.

Focusing on the practical things that are in your control will help to keep you motivated in your job search. Being able to stay positive during these tough times will help you to build resilience, an important life skill which will enable you to handle challenges more effectively in the future.

Here are some tips to help you stay positive during your job search.

1. Establish a routine

Having structure to your day and your job search is great for your mental wellbeing and will put you in the best mind frame for the task at hand. Try allocating yourself a start and finish time each day to focus your search, do your research and tailor your applications. Breaking it down into manageable tasks will make things feel less overwhelming and you’ll feel a sense of achievement once you’ve hit your target for the day. Sticking to your finishing time will also allow you to switch off and refocus the next day, just like you would at work.

2. Utilise your network

In a more challenging jobs market, it can be helpful to reach out to your wider network, rather than only channelling your energy into the traditional job boards. Drawing upon your network can involve putting a message out on LinkedIn and asking your network to share it, emailing your contacts or simply asking your friends and family to put the word out there. You never know what opportunities could arise, especially as lots of people are keen to help others where they can.

 3. Think outside the box

Whilst you may have experience in a particular sector or job role, being open to different opportunities will help you to cast your net wider. One option could be taking on be temporary work. There has seen a spike in demand for temporary workers since the pandemic to allow employers to be more flexible during these everchanging circumstances. Temporary work can help you find work more quickly and can also lead to a permanent position so if you haven’t considered it before, now could be the time.

4. Practise self-care

Work life balance is always important and the same is true when you’re job hunting. Make sure you take regular breaks and time out away from the job search doing something you enjoy. This will help you switch off and reset and you’ll return with a fresh, positive attitude. It’s also a good idea to check in with yourself from time to time, are you eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and staying active? All of these things will contribute to your overall wellbeing so getting them right will make you feel better about your job search.

5. Develop your skills

If you’re out of work and are struggling to find any opportunities in your field of interest, now is a great time to work on personal development. 2020 has been the year of remote working and remote learning so do your research and find an online course that will widen your skills and knowledge and ultimately make you more employable. Learning something new is also great for your wellbeing so this will help you feel more positive and bring you closer to your next career opportunity.

 6. Ask for help

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help! The jobs market is extremely challenging at the moment and if you’re not experienced in navigating it, it can feel intimidating. Whether you’re looking for help with your CV or want support with the whole job searching process, getting in touch with a recruiter like Paterson Recruitment can be hugely beneficial. Our team of consultants are experts when it comes to securing people a job and often know about opportunities before they are publicly advertised meaning you’ll know about them as soon as we do.

Whatever your situation is, things will get better so keep searching and keep learning. This will give you the best opportunity to secure your next role.

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