How using a Recruiter can support your business’s Covid recovery

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How using a Recruiter can support your business’s Covid recovery

The pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses, from adapting to remote work, halting growth plans, pausing recruitment, some even making cuts to ensure the business survives.

With restrictions still in place across the UK, much uncertainty still lies around what recovery will look like for many organisations.

Those hit hardest may have to make further cuts once the furlough scheme ends, but others may find they need to scale up rapidly once restrictions start to ease.

Whilst planning for the future is particularly challenging for businesses at this time, it’s important to consider your options in order to give your business the best chance of thriving in a post-Covid world.

A significant part of any business’s recovery will involve managing the return of staff, retaining talent and kickstarting a recruitment drive to ensure the business is fully staffed with the right people in order to operate effectively.

At Paterson Recruitment, we work closely with our clients to understand the challenges they are facing so that we can deliver the best results possible. Our clients see us as an extension of their business, managing their recruitment strategy and allowing them to focus on the other important factors when it comes to business recovery.

Here are just 3 ways we can support your business with its Covid recovery strategy:

1. Business continuity

Maintaining business continuity for your customers is vital when it comes to protecting the reputation of your brand. Research shows that in the early stages of the pandemic consumers were more lenient with businesses when it came to customer experience, there was a level of empathy around the fact that everyone was having to adapt quickly. As time has passed, consumers now want the service they were used to pre-covid. Our recruitment experts can help your business get its staffing levels right. We’ll identify any gaps in skills and expertise and can advise on the best solution based on your individual circumstances, leaving you to focus on running a smooth and efficient operation and delivering a high-quality service to your customers.

2. Access to top talent

As one of the longest established recruitment providers in Oxfordshire, we’ve built up a diverse talent pool of skilled workers across a variety of sectors. As businesses start to hire again, particularly in strategic roles there will be a temptation to fill these positions quickly. However, if the wrong person is hired, this can halt business growth and be costly in the long term. It’s also likely that businesses will gain a huge number of applicants to any role, making it much more difficult and time consuming to identify the right person for the job. We know our candidates; what makes them tick and what they genuinely want from an employer. As a dedicated recruitment resource, we can find the right match for your business and its culture, ensuring any hires hit the ground running and are aligned with your goals. Getting it right first time is key.

3. A flexible approach

We recognise that businesses may need to be flexible when it comes to hiring in the coming months. Rather than hiring permanent staff, we predict a rise in contractors and temporary workers in the first instance while businesses focus on risk management. The Paterson Group are experienced in recruiting contract, temporary and permanent workers and we are able to offer a flexible approach to your recruitment needs. This will enable you to test the water, see how your industry responds to the lifting of restrictions and also identify opportunities for growth. Whatever your staffing needs are at each of the stages, we can support you by delivering the right person, at the right time. Having a co-ordinated response to recovery will ensure the longevity of your business.

Recruitment itself has changed significantly in the last year, with technology becoming a centralised part of the process. Video interviewing has become the norm and both clients and candidates are much more comfortable with virtual collaboration. We’ve kept up with these changes, ensuring our team knows what questions to ask to get the relevant information and the most meaningful responses. As a result, we can confidently support your business no matter where you are based.

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