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How to excel in a video interview

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How to excel in a video interview

Video interviewing is not a new thing but it certainly going to dominate the recruitment format for the foreseeable future and could in fact replace first round interviewing entirely for some businesses.

If you’ve never experienced a video interview before, it can feel a little strange so, we’ve put together our top tips to help you make the best impression over video link!

Before the interview

Prepare as Normal:-

Just like any other interview, it’s important to prepare in advance. This typically includes researching the company, preparing answers to some frequently asked questions and collating examples of your previous experience. We recommend practising your answers out loud to ensure they are concise and easier to recall when it comes to the interview. Remember, you can make as many notes as you need and keep them in your eyeline. Keywords act best as prompts. We also advice that you prepare some questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the session.

Consider your Setting:-

There are lots of things to consider when thinking about the setting. Firstly, think about the backdrop behind you; keeping it as plain as possible is best to avoid accidently distracting the interviewer. The lighting should be bright so you are clearly in vision and you should limit any background noise, such as music, dogs, or other people in the house. It’s also worth planning what you will wear in advance and for this we would recommend you dress smartly, just as you would for a face to face interview. Just because you’re in your house, does not mean slippers and a dressing gown are the appropriate attire!

Test the Technology:-

You’ll have been sent joining instructions prior to the interview so check they work in advance. Usually you’ll find a step by step guide in an email sent by your recruiter or directly from the company you’re interviewing with. It is important to check that your microphone and camera work as these will be critical in the interview.

During the Interview

Log on Early:-

Just as you would with a face to face interview, you should log on early to prevent keeping the interviewer waiting. This also allows time should you have any problems accessing the platform. You’ll be all set up and ready to make your introduction promptly when the interview starts and will be able to relax and calm any nerves prior to this.

Consider Your Body Language:-

Body Language is equally, if not more important in a video interview because it can be hard to get across. Try to act as you would normally, make eye contact with your interviewer as much a possible, being particularly mindful if you have notes that you’re not looking down the entire time. If you are someone who makes hand gestures, don’t suppress this, your interviewer will be able to tell if you are looking uncomfortable. Remember to sit up straight as they’ll still be able to see if you’re slouching in your chair and don’t forget to smile!  

Don’t panic!:-

Video interviews rely on technology and I’m sure most people will agree that it is not always 100% reliable at all times. Prepare yourself that you might encounter time lags which could result in silences or speaking over each other. The best way to overcome this is to read body language, listen carefully and not to speak in huge chunks. If the technology fails or goes wrong at any time stay calm and think of it as an opportunity to show the interviewer how you’d deal with a stressful situation

Don’t be thrown off by a video interview, if you plan and practice as much as you would with any other interview, you’ll be confident enough to do your best.

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